Temporary Fence Rental

American Rent-A-Fence®

American Rent-A-Fence® is installed by highly trained field professionals that can overcome practically any obstacle of uneven terrain or other complication. After installation, our team remains available for on-site changes, maintenance and repair to the Temporary Fence.

Fencing must accomplish two goals: It must provide safety and security. Temporary perimeter fencing can make a statement about the safety of a construction site or special event at first glance. To provide proper security a fence must not only look strong, it must be strong.

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The strength and versatility of American Rent-A-Fence® have made it the first choice of many contractors and special event coordinators. Look around….you will find American Rent-A-Fence® installed at construction sites, roadwork areas, conventions, festivals, sporting events, concerts, parades, trade shows and a wide range of other activities.

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