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DOD Recognizes American Fence Co. as Patriotic Employer

Eagle Fence Owner Touts Company’s Support of Veterans American Fence Company is proud to announce the receipt of the PATRIOTIC EMPLOYER Award in February, given from the Office of the Secretary of Defense – Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), including a Statement of Support accompanying the Award, personally signed by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. The […]

Service After the Sale at American Fence

Here at American Rent-A-Fence®, we view service after the sale as something that is very important. Does your current supplier schedule a crew in a timely fashion? At American Fence, we make every effort to get out to your site to perform your needed work as soon as possible. Let’s face it; temporary fence can […]

How American Fence Was Started

In 1945, John P. Van Denburgh Sr. received from President Harry S. Truman, in Washington D.C. a commemorative medal for his service on the Arizona draft board. On his return trip, via New Orleans, he visited his brother Archer Graham Van Denburgh, who just bought a fence company and needed a manager. J.P. Van Denburgh […]

Airport Handrail

Check out the custom ornamental iron railing American Fence installed at an airport to control pedestrian movement to designated crosswalks. This project had to be installed during night hours to minimize interruption of airport activities.

Unique Install Project

This project involved grade to eaves which were as high as 55′ at the peak. The mesh was embedded in an asphalt ribbon on the bottom so we had to be tight with our measurements. Due to the grade changes and large beam footings, it was challenging. The project required a 1″ tolerance, 1″ maximum […]

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