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American Fence Company and AASBO Summer 2016

AASBO Booth American Fence Company would like to thank all of the contractors and school board officials that stopped by our booth during summer AASBO 2016, and we look forward to providing you with quality fence in the near future. American Fence Company can perform work under the 1GPA and Procure AZ contracts providing you […]

Transparent, Fair Pricing and Friendly Service!

Transparent, Fair Pricing and Friendly Service! What Happens When The Initial Rent-A-Fence Contract Expires? You’re into your project now and your temporary fence contract is expiring, but your project is not finished yet. You need the fence for another six months. What do you do now? What are the options? At American Fence we can […]

American Fence Featured on Cover of World Fence News Magazine

American Fence Company featured on the cover of World Fence News Magazine… American Fence Company recently completed a major enclosure at a sustainable energy research facility in the state of Arizona.  This project was featured on the December 2015 cover of World Fence News Magazine, and boasted a combination of 1500 lineal feet of 8 […]

American Fence Company – Our Fences Last

American Fence Company: Our Fences Last. What does it mean when your fences last longer than your signs? You are a quality fence company. We recently discovered this sign in Wichita, Kansas. The fence and sign were installed in the early 1950’s. The fence outlasted the sign and is still up to this day, standing […]

American Rent-A-Fence® FAQs

If you do not see your question below, please call us at 888.691.4565. We would love to talk to you about your particular fencing needs and see how we can help! Can I request a quote using your website? Yes! Click here and one of our professional estimators will get back to you in one […]

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