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Unique Install Project

This project involved grade to eaves which were as high as 55′ at the peak. The mesh was embedded in an asphalt ribbon on the bottom so we had to be tight with our measurements. Due to the grade changes and large beam footings, it was challenging. The project required a 1″ tolerance, 1″ maximum […]

American Rent-a-Fence® Products

American Fence Company offers temporary fence for almost every need. Our standard 6′ or 8′ x 14′ fence panel is constructed out of 1 3/8″ galvanized tubing with a 1 3/8″ center upright for increased stability. Our unique interlocking ring system makes installation a breeze. No clamps or ties are needed, just line up the […]

American Fence Difference

Here’s something that separates American Fence & Security from the competition on temporary fence jobs. Did you know that we encourage our customers to inspect our fence after installation and give you 24 hours to contact us with any concerns? We are trying to make your fence rental as easy as possible. The best way […]


At American Rent-a-Fence®, you’ll notice we only offer temporary fence “panels” for rental. There’s a reason we only offer temporary fence panels as opposed to other types of temporary fence, stability and mobility. You can have both in your temporary fence. We can pound all or any number of posts on your temp fence job […]

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