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    Temporary Fence Rental Service

    The strength and versatility of American Rent-A-Fence® have made it the first choice of many contractors and special event coordinators. Look around. You will find American Rent-A-Fence® installed at construction sites, roadwork areas, conventions, festivals, sporting events, concerts, parades, trade shows, and a wide range of other activities.

    American Rent-A-Fence® is installed by qualified field professionals that can overcome practically any obstacle of uneven terrain or other complication. After installation, our team remains available for on-site changes, maintenance, and repairs to the temporary fence.

    Fencing must accomplish two goals: it must provide safety and site security. A temporary rental fence can make a statement about the safety of a construction site or special event at first glance. To provide proper security, a temporary fence must not only look strong; it must be strong.

    Our rental fence panels are made from pipe made right here in America using lightweight, high-strength steel. In addition to top-notch rental panels, we offer many services and add-ons to enhance the look and utility of our fences. A windshield or shade cloth can help provide a visual barrier to your project and can even reduce dust. If you choose to place a temporary fence on stands, we offer sandbags or our large Big Foot rubber stands to place on the base. The rubber stands are clearly outlined in reflective yellow and are an alternative to sandbags. Because American Fence is a full-service fence company, we also offer specialized roll and slide gates with our rental fence. These gates are high-quality solutions for accessing your jobsite or special event.