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21 Years of Corporate Excellence

For at least the 21st year in a row, American Fence Company has received an Arizona Corporate Excellence award from the Phoenix Business Journal. We have been recognized in multiple categories, coming in at #21 on the ACE Largest Phoenix-Area Private Companies list, and at #24 on ACE’s Arizona’s Fastest-Growing Companies list. We are honored […]

History of Chain-link Fencing

Humans have used various types of fencing for security since time immemorial. However, one of the modern world’s most common varieties, chain-link, is a relatively recent innovation. Since its invention, chain-link fencing has become wildly popular worldwide due to its durability, effectiveness, and relatively low cost. According to the US Department of Commerce, half of […]

American Fence Celebrates Over 70 Years of Excellence

American Fence Company Celebrates Over 70 Years of Excellence Over 70 years have passed since American Fence Company’s founding by J.P. Van Denburgh, Jr., a decorated war hero and former WWII Prisoner of War. Guided by the principles of courage, integrity, and hard work, J.P. and his wife, Betty grew American Fence Company into a […]

We Customize American Rent-A-Fence to Any Project’s Needs

We Customize American Rent-A-Fence to Any Project’s Needs With so many options available to customize your American Rent-A-Fence, American Fence Company can help you keep your site more secure! We offer multiple options for installation and customization for the needs of each individual project. • How tall do you need your construction fence to be? […]

3 Reasons Your Business Needs Security Fencing

Business in a variety of industries have properties that require careful protection.  It is easy to scoff at the idea that your business is at risk.  Today, everyone is so concerned with cyber-security that sometimes physical security can be overlooked.  And, while cyber-security is undoubtedly important, physical security is still important as well.  It is […]

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