Message From Our Founding Family

American Fence Company was established in Phoenix, Arizona by my family in 1948. We currently have 16 branches throughout the United States specializing in temporary fence rental, permanent fence installation, material sales and manufacturing. During these past 70+ years, we have been involved in every type of fence, from automotive proving grounds to NASCAR racetracks, from Federal prisons to amusement parks, from nuclear power plants to solar energy grids, never forgetting that many of our most essential fences are busy protecting schools and hospitals.

Our Company has developed a talented team of fencing professionals, while maintaining an extremely strong debt-free financial position. That combination ensures you access to a broad spectrum of fencing experts, with unlimited bonding capacity, ready to meet all your demands. Consequently, American Fence Company can assist with fence specifications and value engineering on your future developments.

Throughout the years, we and our fences have successfully weathered many challenges and have earned the reputation for customer service. We have done this by taking care of our customers and employees first, and by staying true to our founding values and principles. We are proud of our long history of service and the loyalty of our nearly 300 employees who have an average tenure of 10 years with the company. As a result, you can count on us being there to serve your fencing needs now and well into the future.

It always fills us with pride when we see projects with our fence still standing and effective decade after decade. There is no better proof of our expertise and the value that American Fence Company provides to our customers.

David Van Denburgh, Chairman and CEO

Daniel Van Denburgh, President