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Our Mission/Vision/Values

Mission: What We do

American Fence Company provides owners, contractors, organizations, and government agencies with quality workmanship and competitive pricing across all of our products and services, including temporary rental fence, permanent fence installation, material sales, and manufactured fencing and tubing products.


Vision: Where We Are Going

We will remain the premier fence rental, installation, and manufacturing company in the United States, by prioritizing our employees, our customers, our sales-driven culture, and entrepreneurial spirit.


Build a top-notch team by recruiting, developing, and retaining the best employees.


Provide high-quality services and products for our customers at a competitive price, ensuring great customer service and repeat business.

Sales-Driven Culture

Expand into new markets with profitable growth while maximizing opportunities in existing markets.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Encourage creative problem solving and empower independent decision making within the company’s strategic framework.

Values: How we will realize our vision

Our values not only help us to drive our vision, but are integral to the culture of our organization. We ask our employees and leaders to demonstrate teamwork, safety, integrity, and operational excellence and innovation in everything they do.


Requires empathy and collaboration with colleagues, employees, and managers to achieve our goals. Employees are expected to be high-performers, and in return can expect industry-leading compensation, generous benefits, and the opportunity to build a career.


Demands willingness of employees, managers, and executives to speak and hear hard truths. Combines honesty with the requirement to do the right thing at all levels of the organization.


Entails commitment to providing a safe and healthy working environment. Employees will protect themselves and others through safe work practices.

Operational Excellence and Innovation

Rewards creativity and attention to detail. Every employee is responsible for identifying and improving the day-to-day operations of their business unit and of the company.