Advantages of High Quality Temporary Fence Rental

American Fence

There are many circumstances for which it would be advantageous to have high quality fencing.  Whether you are hosting an event or have a construction site and just want to enhance security, fencing can provide that barrier that you need.  Sometimes it does not make sense to install a permanent fence so many construction sites or events choose to use rental fence.  Fortunately, at American Fence Company, we have a selection of high quality temporary fences for you to rent.  Below are 5 advantages of using high quality temporary fence rental.

5 Advantages of Using High Quality Temporary Fence Rental

  1. Ease of Use
    • At American Rent-A-Fence®, our durable temporary fencing is installed by qualified field professionals that are experienced at navigating difficult, uneven terrain or any other possible complications that could arise. You do not have to worry about installation because our team of installers handles that for you and are available for on-site changes, maintenance, and repair when requested.
  2. Safety
    • When you have a construction site, the last thing you want is an unauthorized individual wandering onto your site and possibly getting injured. A durable, high-quality temporary fence will help deter and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering onto the job-site. If you are hosting a private event, a temporary security fence will also help provide privacy and security by deterring outside individuals from entering the event.
  3. Security
    • We use only the highest quality materials to ensure optimal security at your site. Our rental fence panels are constructed of light-weight, high-strength steel.  Further, we offer many additional features to further enhance not only the security of your fence but the appearance, depending on your unique needs.  We can place things like temporary fence on stands or provide sandbags or large rubber stands to place on the base.
  4. Reduced Cost
    • Purchasing high quality permanent fencing is a big expense and an investment that not everyone wants to make. Rather than have a major upfront expense and then the hassle of owning and permanently maintaining fencing, renting the highest quality temporary fencing can be more cost-effective.
  5. Reduced Logistical Planning
    • If you purchase fencing you have to have a crew that is capable of properly installing it as needed. It is a hassle that most construction companies or event planners do not want to have to logistically plan for.  When you rent a temporary fence from American Rent-A-Fence®, we can handle all of the logistics of your temporary fencing so that you can focus on your job.