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5 Things Set Our Temporary Fence Rentals Apart

5 Things Set Our Temporary Fence Rentals Apart

There are many circumstances for which someone might need to temporarily rent a fence.  Whether you are having event privacy, crowd control, home construction, commercial construction, or any other reason, temporary fence rental can provide you with privacy and improved security.  At both commercial and residential construction sites, jobsite theft is a growing problem as Bob Vila points out, “Job site theft is a rampant and growing problem that costs the construction industry more than $1 billion a year, according to the National Association of Home Builders and the National Equipment Register. But the problem isn’t limited to new houses under construction — a home remodeling job is just as vulnerable.”  Temporary fence rentals are available from a variety of businesses but, make no mistake, all temporary fence rentals are not the same.  When you are looking to work with a temporary fence rental company, do your research and be sure you are working with the best of the best.  At American Fence Company, we believe we provide the best temporary fence rental services to our clients and below are 5 things that set our temporary fence rentals apart from other companies

  1. Initial Assessments
    • At American Fence Company our staff is comprised of field professionals that will visit your site and assist you in assessing your fencing needs. We will work with you to ensure that you have the best fence for your application.
  2. Highest Quality Fencing Materials
    • We never cut corners when it comes to fence material. At American Fence Company, we use the highest quality fencing materials to ensure that they will provide high durability, improved aesthetics, and functionality on your property.  Our materials not only look strong but are actually very strong
  3. Variety of Fencing Styles and Finishes
    • Just because the fence you are renting is temporary, that does not mean it has to be unattractive. Depending on your needs, we have temporary fence rentals in differing styles so that you can maximize the aesthetic appeal of an event or give the secure look you want for a job site.  Further, we have many enhancements and add-ons for your temporary fencing including shade-cloth, sandbags, and more.
  4. Experienced Installation
    • As previously mentioned, your temporary fencing needs will be handled by experienced field professionals to ensure stability, and aesthetic appeal.
  5. We Stick Around
    • Once your fencing has been installed we remain available for any changes, relocations or service work that you might need.

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