American Rent-A-Fence Temporary Fence Panels and Screen

American Fence
Blue Screen

Pioneer of the Temporary Fence Panel

American Fence Company helped pioneer the temporary fence panel after one of our founders, Betty Van Denburgh, saw a sample in El Paso, Texas in the 1970’s.  Ever since, American Rent-A-Fence® has been providing rental fence panels manufactured in-house right here in America.  In addition to our own manufactured temporary fence panels, we also offer standard and custom windscreen.  This project called for blue screen. We also stock green and black temporary fence screening.  If your project calls for it, we can also custom print your logo, design drawings, or project renderings.

With 17 locations in 8 states including Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Kansas and Nevada American Fence Company is the right fit for your next project. To request a quote please visit us at