Why American Rent-a-fence Uses Only Panels

American Fence

At American Rent-a-Fence®, you’ll notice we only offer temporary fence “panels” for rental. There’s a reason we only offer temporary fence panels as opposed to other types of temporary fence, stability and mobility. You can have both in your temporary fence. We can pound all or any number of posts on your temp fence job to give you the maximum stability for a long term rental. Along with this stability, you can obtain shade screen for blocking out unsightly views with confidence that you have the strongest temp fencing available. There are no guarantees that your fence with privacy shade screen can withstand heavy winds but you need to give yourself the strongest fence possible just in case. Pounded posts are the best way to do that.

If mobility is your main concern, we can offer temporary fence panels on t-stands. This offers you, the contractor, the greatest ability to move your panels as needed on your jobsite. (Note: If using shade cloth, however, it’s not recommended with rent a fence installed on stands.) Safety is always a priority with American Fence and Security. We can offer a mix of both pounded posts and t-stands in this case to attempt to provide the strength you need along with the mobility you desire. Of course with temporary fencing panels, gates can be located anywhere on the site.

At American Fence Co. we’ve been doing fence rentals for over 50 years. We employ a staff of professional lease agents that specialize in only temporary fencing sales and design. We’re certain we can work with your company on any temporary security fence needs.