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Securing America Since 1948

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Quality Fencing For Over 60 Years

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American Rent-A-Fence®

The strength and versatility of American Rent-A-Fence® have made it the first choice of many contractors and special event coordinators.

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We are a nationally recognized fencing contractor providing fence installation services for commercial, industrial, and governmental customers.

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Material Sales

As a fully stocked, full-service fencing materials supplier, American Fence is your one-stop-shop for all of your do-it-yourself fencing needs.

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Welcome To American Fence Company

Family owned and operated since 1948, American Fence Company is the premier fence rental, installation, and manufacturing company in the United States. We are licensed, bonded, and insured with seventeen locations to serve you nationwide, providing knowledgeable professionals right in your own back yard. Whether you need temporary fence panels, high-security and crash-rated perimeter security, or fencing materials we are here to serve you.

Our mission is to provide quality workmanship and competitive pricing for all of your fencing needs.

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Who we are

American Fence was founded in 1948 and like many of its contemporary companies, was built on hard work and the intuitive nature of its leader. J. P. Van Denburgh, a decorated war hero and former WWII Prisoner of War, and his wife Betty Van Denburgh committed their efforts to the only management style they knew: courage, integrity and hard work. Today, those values remain at the heart of what we stand for. It is with unmatched dedication and commitment to producing a quality product that American Fence Company has positioned itself as a leader in the fencing industry for over 60 years. We have grown greatly over the last six decades, and now proudly offer temporary rental fence, commercial and industrial fence installation, and fence materials for sale.

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Oct.20.2017 | POSTED BY: American Fence

How To Choose Fencing Material

Choosing the right fencing material for your unique site needs can be challenging because there are many different options.  Just like any other product on the market, there are a variety of materials at a variety of price points.  At American fence Company, we are a full-service fencing materials supplier which means that we carry […]

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high security gate Oct.10.2017 | POSTED BY: American Fence

7 High Security Perimeter Solutions

There are certain circumstances where a standard fence, though strong, does not produce the kind of security necessary.  High-security locations such as military bases, government buildings, embassies, data centers, corporate headquarters, prisons, or other high risk sites need to ensure that they have implemented optimal security measures.  In these cases, high security perimeter solutions can […]

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Sep.26.2017 | POSTED BY: American Fence

Advantages of High Quality Temporary Fence Rental

There are many circumstances for which it would be advantageous to have high quality fencing.  Whether you are hosting an event or have a construction site and just want to enhance security, fencing can provide that barrier that you need.  Sometimes it does not make sense to install a permanent fence so many construction sites […]

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