American Fence Completes 17,000 LF of Chain Link Fence

American Fence

American Fence Company Completes 17,000 LF of fence for Central Arizona Project.

American Fence Company recently completed work on over three miles of fence for Central Arizona Project (CAP). The project included removal of a fence that American Fence Company installed 26 years ago and the construction of a brand new one in its place. The fence is standard 6 foot chain link with three strand barbed wire on top. The project also consisted of 250 feet of fence that was grounded due to proximity to overhead power lines. Despite inclement weather and a very wet winter, the project stayed on schedule.  American Fence Company was also pleased that all material for the project was manufactured by us in-house right here in America (besides the barbed wire and fittings).

American Fence Company can handle all of your projects whether they are permanent or temporary fence, driven posts or concreted posts, barbed wire or electrical grounded!  To request a quote please contact us at

About American Fence – Established in 1948 and based in Phoenix, AZ, American Fence is a nationally recognized industry leader that has been professionally installing fence for over 60 years. Providing the highest level of products and service, American Fence Company provides all your fencing needs including temporary fence rental, commercial and industrial installation, and materials for fencing contractors and the “do-it-yourselfer”.  Additionally their High Security Perimeter Fencing division provides crash rated bollards, gates, and fences for military installations, data centers, and other sensitive corporate projects. American Fence operates their own tube and pipe mill and chain link weaving machines, and manufactures their own custom fabricated iron fence.