Why Customers Choose PVC Coated Chain-link

American Fence

PVC coated chain-link, also known as vinyl coated chain-link, is a popular type of fencing because it is durable and aesthetically appealing.  There are many types of fencing from which to choose but we frequently see customers choose PVC coated chain-link for their commercial and residential fencing needs.  Chain-link fence is a very popular type of fencing because it comes in a variety of heights, enhances security, and is relatively affordable.  But, one drawback of chain-link fence is that, over time, it will begin to rust and break down from continual exposure to the elements.  However, if the chain-link is PVC coated, its durability is significantly enhanced.  Do It Yourself explains why PVC (or vinyl) coated chain-link is a superior fencing option, “One of the best fences you can buy is one that is coated with vinyl. Galvanized chain link fence, either welded or woven, can be coated in vinyl. There are some extra steps in the straight galvanizing process that is not always taken with a chain link fence that is meant to be coated with vinyl. The vinyl coating will protect the chain link fence from rust and corrosion indefinitely. The absolute best chain link fence is the galvanized before welding or weaving and then coated in vinyl. This type of chain link is often used in lobster fishing with the pots being made from it.”

With PVC coated chain-link, the PVC material is thermally bonded to the wire from strong adhesion.  Once the wire has been coated, it minimizes the risk of rusting because it is protected from the elements.   PVC coated chain link is not only incredibly durable and long lasting, it is more aesthetically appealing.  The PVC coating can be manufactured in a wide array of colors and colors can even be customized to better enhance your architecture, branding, or to better blend with surrounding environment. Once the chain-link has been PVC coated it also reduces the amount of maintenance needed which homeowners and business owners can all appreciate.  Additionally, should repair ever be needed, it is very easy to repair PVC coated chain-link.  Because of the durability, affordability and versatility, it is no wonder that PVC coated chain-link is a popular fencing material for commercial, residential, recreational and industrial applications.