Securing Your Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fence is one of the most commonly used fencing types because it is economical and secure. Chain link fence is secured to posts to form a secure and protective border in many applications but those posts are often secured to a variety of bases. Whether posts are installed in the ground, attached to concrete, attached to asphalt, or anything else, they must be securely installed for the structural integrity of the chain link fence. When it comes to securing your chain link fence, there are three types of bases to which they are typically attached: cast steel malleable floor flanges, pressed steel floor flanges, or galvanized steel base plates. All three types of floor flanges/base plates are useful but the type you will use will depend heavily on your application and setting. For example, some are better suited to light industrial or even residential use while others are better suited to commercial and industrial use. Chain link fence posts are often welded to the floor flange or base plate before installation which makes installation more accurate and efficient. Below we explore the differences between these three options for securing your chain link fence.

  • Cast Steel Malleable Floor Flanges
    • Malleable floor flanges are designed to mount your chain link fence post to a flat surface. Flat surfaces that are ideal for malleable floor flanges include concrete, wood, or steel. Malleable steel is rust resistant so it can be easily and effectively used in outdoor environments.  Malleable floor flanges are typically designed for residential and light industrial use.  However, there are some heavier malleable cast steel floor flanges designed specifically for commercial and industrial use.
  • Pressed Steel Floor Flanges
    • Pressed steel floor flanges are ideal for mounting your chain link fence post to a concrete surface. Pressed steel floor flanges are similar to malleable floor flanges but are stronger and capable of handling heavier industrial use.
  • Galvanized Steel Base Plates
    • Galvanizes steel base plates are also used for mounting chain link fence posts to a flat surface and are used in a variety of applications. Galvanized steel is coated with a rust-resistant coating. Strong and durable, galvanized steel base plates may be used for many industrial applications including truck racks, bridge fencing, gate seam plates, commercial building, .  They can help structures endure heavy weather including hurricanes and storms with strong winds.