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Custom Fencing in These 5 Applications

Use Custom Fencing in These 5 Applications

High quality, professionally installed fencing is important for the perimeter of any business or facility for a number of reasons.  There are many fencing materials from which to choose that offer a wide array of benefits.  Whatever material you choose, a high-quality fence will help people clearly understand and know the boundaries of your property/business which helps reduce confusion and deter trespassers, you will enhance security for your business, you will be able to better control who has access to your business or facility, you will have increased privacy for your property, and high quality fencing enhances the overall aesthetic appearance of your business.  At American Fence Company, we are a nationally recognized fencing contractor with professional installers that know how to safely and securely complete your fencing project.  We have extensive experience installing many types of fencing material including galvanized chain-link, aluminized chain-link, custom manufactured wrought-iron or ornamental iron, barb wire, field fence, VC, welded wire, agricultural, vinyl fence, and non-conductive fence.  Custom fencing is important for any business but we highly recommend it for these 5 businesses. Projects include distribution centers, government, data centers and a lot more.


Use Custom Fencing in These 5 Applications

  1. Schools
    • Securing the safety and privacy of school-aged children while they are learning and growing is incredibly important. Every school should have security fencing for enhanced safety and privacy because it helps protect children from leaving and individuals without permission from entering.
  2. Prisons
    • Prisons are in need of high-security perimeter fencing as well as other fencing for within the property. Fencing needs to be durable, private, and incredibly well-installed to ensure the safety of the surrounding communities, guards, prisoners and more.
  3. Airports
    • All airports need perimeter fencing to provide protection from the outside elements and from unwanted intruders. Fencing must be able to withstand high winds, debris, and more so it must be very durable.  It helps protect runways from some of that debris and wind so that there are fewer delays.  Additionally, airport security is more important than ever before so high-security perimeter fencing is helpful for protecting from unwanted intruders.
  4. Solar
    • Many solar facilities or solar farms need fencing around the site for a variety of reasons. They want to be able to ensure their expensive solar panels are not damaged but they also want to prevent accidental injury from occurring by deterring or limiting unauthorized personnel from entering the site.
  5. Ballfields/Spring Training Facilities
    • All ballfields/athletic fields need perimeter fencing for security. Patrons often pay high prices for their tickets to attend a sporting event and individuals should not simply be able to just walk into a facility without paying.  But, far more important than that, for the safety and security of the players, fans, and workers, security fencing should be in place to ensure security protocols are upheld at all times.  Additionally, proper fencing helps protect people from flying sporting equipment that could potentially cause injury.