Best Material For High Security Perimeter Fencing

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Importance of Choosing the Best Material for High Security Perimeter Fencing

Choosing fencing for high security perimeter applications may sound like a relatively straightforward thing but there are many different fencing materials from which to choose.  When you need high security perimeter fencing one thing is certain, you want the best material available that will enhance security and provide durable, lasting protection.  The fact of the matter is that not all fencing materials are created equal.  Some materials provide basic security protection while delineating a property’s perimeter.  Though that is perfectly fine for some applications, those materials can be easily breached and are not the right fit for a high security perimeter fencing application.  If you need to secure a military base, government building, embassy, data center, corporate headquarters, or any other high risk target, you need fencing material that is incredibly strong and durable.

At American Fence Company, we have extensive experience installing high security perimeter fencing and can assist you in choosing the right material and type of fencing for your needs.  High security fencing needs often include things like perimeter fencing, intrusion barriers, and automatic access control, crash-rated bollards, crash-rated gates, anti-climb fencing, crash-rated fencing, crash-rated cable barriers, specialized correctional fencing, and electrified fencing.  These are not common, everyday types of fencing and should only be installed by a professional that understands how to properly install them for maximized safety and security.  Additionally, we can assist you in implementing automated access controls including automated wedge barriers, automated bollards, high-speed gates, anti-climb gates, and automated access control systems.  Many of these crash-rated high-security perimeter and fencing options can stop 15,000 pound truck traveling up to 30MPH!  All of these fencing materials are certified for high-security perimeter fencing applications.

Installing high security perimeter fencing does not have to mean “ugly” fencing.  At American Fence Company, we can assist you in choosing the ideal high security fencing materials that are strong and secure while still aesthetically appealing.   They will not just enhance security but the overall look of your property’s exterior.  Ultimately, high security perimeter fencing is your facility’s first line of defense against unwanted visitors or other forms of attack/trespassing.  And, substantial high security perimeter fencing will look intimidating so it may deter an unwanted intruder from even attempting to enter your property without permission.  Proper security is more important today than ever before so if you have a high security facility you need professionally installed high security perimeter fencing.