What Happens When Your Original Rental Contract Expires?

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You’re into your project now and your rental fence contract is expiring, but your project is not finished yet. You need the fence for another six months. What do you do now? What are the options? At American Fence we can tailor a rental extension to fit your needs extending the fence rental for however many months you need, month to month, or even for multiple years.

Make sure you are not signing a contract with someone else requiring you to pay a flat percentage of your original install price to extend. That could make it very expensive especially if the original price includes shade cloth, posts, sandbags, and core drills. Think about this. If your fence rental company is charging you 10% of the original price every 28 days, you’ll be paying about 130% per year of the original job (which included charges for removal labor, shade, posts, sandbags, etc…).

Many of our competitors use misleading and confusing quotes to obscure the true price of temporary fence panel extensions.  Please give us a call today and we will provide an alternative price on your project to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Don’t get stuck with some other company. Rent your temporary fence from American Rent-A-Fence®.

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