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American Fence Completes 17,000 LF of Chain Link Fence

American Fence Company Completes 17,000 LF of fence for Central Arizona Project. American Fence Company recently completed work on over three miles of fence for Central Arizona Project (CAP). The project included removal of a fence that American Fence Company installed 26 years ago and the construction of a brand new one in its place. […]

55 Foot Tall Fence

Project Spotlight: Installing Fence 55 Foot Tall! This project involved installing fence to grade on eaves which were as high as 55′ at the peak. The specifications for the project including maximum 1” tolerance around the entire structure (including the gates)!  Creating additional challenges, the chain link mesh was embedded in an asphalt ribbon along […]

American Fence Company Sound Barrier Wall

Project Spotlight: American Fence Company Sound Barrier Wall This project was designed to damper the sound of construction on an industrial property for nearby residential neighbors with installation of a sound barrier wall.  The residents of these neighborhoods inhabit some of the most expensive real estate in California. Attached to AP40 framework are 10′ blankets […]

What Happens When Your Original Rental Contract Expires?

What happens when your original rental contract expires? You’re into your project now and your rental fence contract is expiring, but your project is not finished yet. You need the fence for another six months. What do you do now? What are the options? At American Fence we can tailor a rental extension to fit […]

American Rent-A-Fence Temporary Fence Panels and Screen

Pioneer of the Temporary Fence Panel American Fence Company helped pioneer the temporary fence panel after one of our founders, Betty Van Denburgh, saw a sample in El Paso, Texas in the 1970’s.  Ever since, American Rent-A-Fence® has been providing rental fence panels manufactured in-house right here in America.  In addition to our own manufactured […]

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