Proper Fence Installation

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Importance of Proper Fence Installation

Today, we live in the “DIY” era in which every homeowner thinks that if they watch a YouTube tutorial they can do just about anything in or around their home.  While there are certain home or professional projects that are ideally suited to a novice do-it-yourself homeowner, there are other projects that should simply be left to the professionals.  Fence installation is one of those things!  Fence installation, at first glance, may seem fairly straightforward and easy but once you begin the project you will soon learn otherwise.

Installing a fence is a very labour intensive project with many steps that must all be completed for a fence to be properly installed.  Old fence must be torn down and hauled away.  New holes must be dug to hold fence posts, you must mix and pour concrete in the holes to hold fence posts, and you must not only purchase but transport your new fence materials to your property, unload the fence materials, and then correctly install fence materials.  It is often a far bigger task than homeowners anticipate and the last thing you want is an incorrectly installed fence or a half-completed fence that never quite gets finished.  Another reason a fence should be properly installed by a professional is that the ground is not always perfectly even.  In fact – it pretty much never is!  There may be sloping in their yard and that change in grade must be fixed or accounted for in some way so that your fence can be correctly installed.  Additionally, you are likely installing a fence for one of three reasons – privacy, safety, or security.

If your fence is not properly installed, one or all three of these reasons may be compromised.  The last thing you want is your pet or child getting through an incorrectly installed fence!  Further, if your fence in unstable or incorrectly installed, your investment may provide little-to-no security, leaving your property exposed.  In order to fully realize all of the benefits of installing a fence, it is best to let a trained and experienced professional properly install your fence.  Finally, even if you can properly install a fence, the length of time it will take you to teach yourself how to do it will be significant and you will probably have to buy a myriad of new tools which is very expensive.  But, when you hire a professional, it will take a fraction of the time and you should not incur any additional expense other than buying your new high quality fence.  Leave it to the pros and get your fence properly installed to maximize your investment and enjoy all the benefits of a new high quality fence on your property.