How To Choose Fencing Material

American Fence

Choosing the right fencing material for your unique site needs can be challenging because there are many different options.  Just like any other product on the market, there are a variety of materials at a variety of price points.  At American fence Company, we are a full-service fencing materials supplier which means that we carry just about any type of fence material that you could possibly need.  We are always fully stocked and carry all fencing materials as well as hardware for your fencing project.  Our team of experienced and trained representatives is always available to you to provide assistance in choosing the materials for your fencing project.  Additionally, we are always happy to help you with any custom requests.

At American Fence Company, we carry a wide selection of fencing materials including residential and commercial chain link, ornamental iron, farm/livestock/agricultural fencing material, wood, vinyl, PVC coated chain link, and automatic gates and access controls.

Wood fencing has a beautiful, natural appearance that is a great choice for a variety of fence projects.  It can be easily customized and can create any shape needed, including curved lines.  While wood fencing is beautiful, it must be well maintained and waterproofed to maximize its durability.

Ornamental iron is a very traditional choice and will not only add beauty but value to your property.  Because it is more difficult to produce, it tends to be one of the more costly fencing materials.  But, if you are looking for extreme strength and durability, ornamental iron is often an ideal choice.

Chain link fencing is a good option for commercial and industrial sites as well as recreational areas such as athletic courts, gardens, or for pet containment.  It is an economical choice and typically has lower installation costs.

Vinyl fencing is available in a variety of colors and is incredibly low-maintenance.  Further, because of its durability, it will last many years.

Similarly, PVC coated chain link fencing is thicker and thus reinforced, making it a stronger fence while also preventing things like rust or corrosion.

Farm/livestock/agricultural fencing comes in a variety of materials that are specially formulated to provide strength and durability while maximizing appearance.

At American Fence Company, we are more than happy to customize anything to your specifications, answer any questions, or assist in the installation of your chosen fencing materials.