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American Fence Company offers temporary fence for almost every need. Our standard 6′ or 8′ x 14′ fence panel is constructed out of 1 3/8″ galvanized tubing with a 1 3/8″ center upright for increased stability. Our unique interlocking ring system makes installation a breeze. No clamps or ties are needed, just line up the rings and drop the post through.

We offer both pounded posts and t-stands for our panels. Pounded posts are always recommended for any panels as the most stable installation. We have the ability to core drill through either concrete or asphalt. We also have sand bags for your t-stand applications for added stability. Privacy shade can be installed on pounded post applications for added privacy.

Shade cloth is available in a variety of colors and heights, depending on our customers needs and can even be custom ordered. You can purchase it from us and install it yourself or have our professional installation crews take care of the labor for you.

Panels without shade cloth can be either pounded or stood on t-stands that will give the contractor increased mobility, in the event panels need to be moved quickly.

Gates are available as single or double swing gates and also as single or double slide gates.

Just hit the “Request a Quote” button on our website and we’ll have one of our professional lease agents contact you promptly.

Remember, American Fence Company also has materials for sale and installs permanent industrial fences of all sizes and scopes.