7 High Security Perimeter Solutions

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There are certain circumstances where a standard fence, though strong, does not produce the kind of security necessary.  High-security locations such as military bases, government buildings, embassies, data centers, corporate headquarters, prisons, or other high risk sites need to ensure that they have implemented optimal security measures.  In these cases, high security perimeter solutions can provide the peace of mind that you have incorporated a very high level of security for your facility.  At American Fence Company, we offer our customers a selection of high security fences and barriers with automated access control capabilities.  Our high-security fencing options are not only secure but they are also aesthetically pleasing.  We help you protect your facility while ensuring that your property still looks good.  Further our high security fencing can help you adhere to industry regulations where enhanced security measurements are a requirement.  These requirements range from K4 (ability to stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling up to 30 MPH) to K12 (ability to stop a 15,000 pound vehicle traveling up to 50 MPH).

Below are 7 high security fencing options that can help you implement a very high level of security at your facility.

7 High Security Perimeter Solutions for Optimal Security

  1. Crash-Rated Bollards
    • There are many businesses and facilities at risk of either theft or attack by a vehicle that crashes into a structure. If your facility is in need of the high-security bollard available, it is best to implement the use of crash-rated bollards.  Crash-rated bollards provide both perimeter control and assist in preventing vehicles from ramming and breaching the perimeter.
  2. Crash-Rated Fencing
    • Similar to crash-rated bollards, crash-rated fencing is fencing that provides some of the highest levels of security for your facility. Crash-rated fencing is available in K4, K8, and K12 rating.
  3. Crash-Rated Cable Barriers
    • Crash-rated cable barriers are typically used to completely close the entrance to any facility. There are drop arm cable barriers as well as other cable barriers that are popular for use in government and military facilities, as well as other high-security facilities because they have cables that are hidden inside the arm which is an anti-ramming design which prevents vehicles from entering facilities.
  4. Crash-Rated Gates
    • Crash-rated gates are also some of the highest security gates available in K4 – K12 rating. These gates are certified and crash-tested for optimal security.
  5. Anti-Climb Fence
    • When perimeter security is of the utmost importance, a facility needs to not only protect the main entrance but its entire perimeter with anti-climb fencing. This type of fencing deters assailants from climbing as well as gives the facility more time to respond to a perimeter breach attempt.
  6. Specialized Correctional Fencing
    • Specialized correctional fencing is designed for use at correctional facilities and contains wires in the fencing that send a pulse that enables the detection of someone trying to climb the fence. Here are unique zones so if a pulse is detected, security guards will immediately be alerted that there is someone touching the fencing in a specific zone which expedites response time.
  7. Electrified Fencing

Electrified fencing is ideal for both high security facilities as well as grazing or pasture management.  The electrified fence sends a non-lethal shock to potential intruders and also is a visual deterrent to potential intruders.