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What does it mean when your fences last longer than your signs?

You are a quality fence company.

We recently discovered this sign in Wichita, Kansas. The fence and sign were installed in the early 1950’s. The fence outlasted the sign and is still up to this day, standing strong and looking bright and shiny. Today the sign resides at our corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona as a reminder of the long standing quality and commitment we provide to our customers. At American Fence Company we pride ourselves on providing a product that exceeds industry standards and expectations with a commitment to service that is unmatched by our competitors.

Whether you are looking for permanent fence installation (and a brand new sign to match), or are just looking for a temporary fence rental, we are here to serve you today.  Unlike many of our competitors, we manufacture our own steel fence pipe, weave our own chain link fabric, and build our own rental fence panels right here in America.  With 17 branches in 8 states American Fence Company is the largest integrated fencing company in the country. For all of your fencing needs please visit us at