Chain Link Fence Caps Enhance

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Chain Link Fence Caps Enhance Outdoor Sports Fields

Chain link fencing is a staple of most outdoor sport fields.  It is ideal for keeping balls and sports equipment contained without reducing visibility beyond the fence line.  And, while you could have a chain link fence installed and call it a day and it would be perfectly fine, there are fittings that can enhance your chain link fence on a sport field.  For example, when you install a chain link fence around a baseball field it will certainly help contain the baseball inside the field and delineate the playing area but what happens when a batter hits the ball over the fence and a player tries to catch it?  If a player hits the ball over the fence but it has potential to be caught, the defense will try to jump up on the fence and catch it.  If there is exposed edges of chain link it could lead to injury.  This is a safety concern for players of any age but it does not have to be.  One interesting chain link fitting option is a safety top cap for chain link fences.

Sometimes called “top caps” or “fence caps,” these easy to install fittings are a great addition to any chain link fence but particularly so around sports fields.  Chain link fence caps are made of a highly durable material. They are weather treated and UV-protected so they won’t fade or lose their appealing finish. Additionally, they enhance the look of your chain link fence by providing a decorative trim that gives your fence a professional stadium, completed finish.  And, they are available in a variety of colors so they can coordinate with your school, facility, or team colors. If your facility has multiple fields you may opt to install one color on each field to help teams, players, and spectators find the right field for their game.

In addition to protecting players, it will also provide a safe surface for spectators, coaches, or parents to lean over the fence to talk to someone on the field without risking getting injured by the top of a chain link fence.  Chain link fence caps only cover the top of the fence so they do not detract from the visibility feature of a chain link fence.  When it comes to fittings for chain link fences, there are many from which to choose but if you are considering what you need to enhance your sports field, chain link fence caps are an ideal choice.