Choosing Chain Link Fittings For Your Fence

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Choosing Chain Link Fittings For Your Fence

Chainlink fence may seem pretty straightforward but the reality is, there are multiple components that make up chainlink fence.  And, without the proper components in the proper sizes and styles, your chain link fence will not be very effective or attractive.  Chainlink fencing is an effective and cost-efficient type of fence. Chainlink fencing is available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and styles and the fittings you choose to use with that fencing matter because if an error in choosing is made they may clash with the fencing or simply not fit at all.

One of the most basic types of chainlink fencing is galvanized chainlink fencing.  It may be the type or style of fencing that comes to mind when chainlink is mentioned.  However, there are many newer styles that offer more aesthetic appeal and enhanced privacy.  Vinyl coated chainlink fencing is a great option for to upgrade standard chainlink fencing but the type of fittings you will need for vinyl coated chainlink are different from the fittings you will need for galvanized chainlink fencing.

When selecting chainlink fittings, it is important to first consider material type.  If you have selected galvanized chainlink fencing, you will want to choose aluminum chainlink fittings that will coordinate with your fence and blend well for a seamless look.  If you have selected vinyl coated chainlink fencing the fittings you choose will depend on the color of vinyl coating you have chosen for your chainlink.  For example, if you have selected black vinyl coated chainlink fencing you do no want to use aluminum fittings because they will stand out and be an eyesore.  You want to choose black chainlink fittings so that they blend with the rest of the fencing material.

In addition to choosing the the correct material and color type, you need to choose the right fittings to ensure your chainlink fence has all of the capabilities and features that you want.  Chainlink fittings include tension bands, brace bands, male hinges, female hinges, brace bands, end rail cups, look caps, dome or bullet shape post casts, cross connectors, sleeves, drop forks, drop fork collars, latches, fence ties, box hinges, post latches, floor flanges, cantilever rollers, cantilever safety covers, adjustable arm hinges, post latches, end rail clamps, line rail clamps, barbed wire arms, gate connectors, gate closers, trolley assemblies, truck assemblies, wheels and much more!