How To Tell If You Need New Fencing

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Chained fence gate with sign

Whether your fence was already installed when you moved in or you installed it once you bought your property, your fence may be showing signs that it is time to be replaced.  Every fence is different because fences can be made of a wide variety of materials.  Some materials are designed to last a lifetime while others will naturally weather, become worn out and need to be replaced.  Additionally, a fences lifespan will be impacted by how well a fence is maintained over the years.  A fence that is showing signs that it needs to be replaced should not be ignored because it lead to a number of more costly, potentially dangerous, and frustrating problems.  First of all, if your fence is installed for security purposes and it is in serious disrepair it is important to replace it as soon as possible because your property’s security may be compromised, leaving you exposed.  If your fence is designed to keep animals or children safe within a designated area it could be very dangerous for them if the fence is unstable or can be breached because they may get loose and could potentially get lost or injured.  If your fence is primarily for aesthetics, nothing could be less appealing than a fence in disrepair.  For those reasons, and more, it is important to be able to recognize signs that it may be time to replace your fence. If you do notice them, contact an experienced and qualified fencing company to replace your fencing.

Signs You Need a New Fence

  • Leaning or Sagging
    • Over time fencing can begin to lean or sag and that is a clear sign that the durability and strength of your fence has diminished. With wood fencing, in particular, once structural integrity has been compromised on large sections it is better to replace it altogether than repair it.
  • Obvious Rot
    • They say that rotting is like cancer for wood. Once it begins and is allowed to spread it will take over the entire fence.  Not only is rot unsightly but it will compromise the structural integrity of your fence.  If you catch it early on you may only need to repair certain areas of your fence but if it seems to be pervasive it will likely be time to replace your fence.
  • Visible Damage
    • For non-wood fences, it may be rusting, broken fence components, or other obvious damage. If it is an iron or vinyl fence you may not need to completely replace it, only repair it, but it will need to be inspected by a fence professional.
  • Splitting or Splintering Boards
    • Weather and other conditions can lead to significant damage of wood boards in fencing. If you notice that boards are splintering or splitting that is a clear sign that, at a minimum, repair is needed.  If there is widespread splitting or splintering of boards it is most likely time to replace your fencing because repair will only provide a short-term solution.